CRRNT Release Fest

February 16th & 17th, 2024

© Aurelijus Uzameckis & Dunia Huarachi

To celebrate five new records on the CRRNT Records label, we hosted a release fest during the Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival in a place called Blågården. The projects featured on the two evenings were: Onbeat, Heremans/Sensmeier, The Gatherers, Jimini, and Llaki trio (Find all CRRNT releases here).
We took that opportunity as a chance to host a community dinner and a “get to know your neighbour” café involving artists and citizens from around Blågårdsplads, a very crowded and lively cultural spot of the city district Nørrebro in Copenhagen. It was a success! Thanks for coming out and Snabslanten, KK Musikudvalg, Nørrebro Lokaludvalg and JazzDanmark for funding the event.

CRRNT Residency

January 4th-14th, 2024

© Aurelijus Uzameckis, Tomaz Grom, Saša Mrak

We launched the year 2024 with a musical residency in the dreamy region of Kras in western Slovenia. CRRNT Collective is also a band of fierce improvisors and creative composers, and we wanted to take this chance to get to know each other better on a personal and musical level. We had great concert experiences together in Ljubljana at Škuc Gallery, in Zagreb at Klub Močvara, and in Sempeter pri Gorici in collaboration with the collective KCV under the concert series Fri-Fru-Fra Koncertni Cikel. A big thank you to all three venues/collectives for hosting us, we had such a great time and felt very welcomed! We also held a workshop at Klub Močvara, where we shared different tools and approaches to improvisation with local musicians. Thank you again for providing the space and to the participants! Thank you to Radio Študent 89,3 MHz and our interview host Jan, for having us as part of ‚GRS Intervju‘, it was wonderful to talk about our activities and future plans in Denmark and abroad! You can listen to it here: Thank you to Meta from the National Slovenian Television, who made a report about our concert and broadcasted an interview with us! You can watch it here: Last but not least, we would like to thank Statens Kunstfond, JazzDanmark, and DMF for supporting this project financially! 

CRRNT #1-5 Concert Series

December 2022 – April 2024


Our first major cultural project was a recurring 2-day mini-festival that took place every month from December 2022 to April 2023 at Maskinhallen on Amager. The events were themed with the names “CRRNT: #1 SOLSTICE, #2 TIME, #3 NATURAL, #4 EQUINOX and #5 OPENING” and evolved into exciting and well-attended gathering points for a diverse audience and a wide range of music and sound art.

Featured artists were: Ylenia Fiorini & Tomo Jacobson, Susana Nunes, Michał J. Biel, Humanas de Niebla, Baujillaud, Mika Persdotter, Poptones, Precious Mayhem, Anders Mathiasen, Carl Knast, Guldlokk, Yii, Rodney / Goodwin / Bruun, Therese Aune, Baby In Vain, Llaki Trio, Jimini, Dawda Jobarteh / Stefan Pasborg – Duo, Raphael Gimenes, Orange Ladybugs, ALAWARI, Brekete Sounds, Siri Birk and more.

Our idea was to ignite a new cultural meeting point in a city district which is little used for cultural happenings. Sundholm8 Volunteer Association Center was so kind to lend us this wonderful place to live out our fantasies for creating rememberable and welcoming concert evenings for anyone. Thanks so much to them, to all the artists, volunteers and audience that joined us!