CRRNT Release Fest

We are very excited for our first event to happen this year! The CRRNT Release Fest is happening on February 16th & 17th, in Støberiet in Copenhagen. We are presenting 5 acts that recently have released or are releasing an album on our label, and each day we’ll get together for a „get-to-know-your-neighbor“ café where you can connect and have a talk with people you haven’t met before or just have a chat with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. On Saturday the 17th, we additionally offer a fællesspisning/communal dinner that you are warmly invited to join! 

Find more detailed information about the acts and the sign-up for the common dinner


Friday, 16th: 

19:00 Get-to-know-your-neighbor café 

20:00 Concert Onbeat (ES, IT, DK, SI, EE)

21:00 Concert Heremans/Sensmeier (BE/DE)

22:00 Concert The Gatherers (SI, RS, HR, BR) 

Saturday, 17th: 

18:00 Fællesspisning/common dinner

19:00 Get-to-know-your-neighbor café

20:00 Concert Jimini (DE/DK/NO)

21:00 Concert Llaki trio (LT)

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